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WATER STRIDER RAFT KICKBOAT. The WATER STRIDER looks like a one-man raft without a floor. It is propelled by oars or fins, and combines the maneuverability of a raft with the freedom and portability of a float tube. The absence of a floor means you can traverse waters that easily flip a regular raft. It weighs less than 30 lb. and can carry over 500 lb. We have taken our rafts through Moose Rapids on the Dean River, BC, a Class III water that has done in many larger rafts. You sit on an inflatable seat, and can put your feet on a strap when rowing. When you want to stop in a run, you put your feet down, and you are surrounded by your life raft! You can “walk” down a riffle by sitting in the raft, and make your cast. A removable stripping apron contains your fly line. It is ideal for fishing steelhead runs. Amaze your friends, and be the first to have one on your stream or lake! I have used my raft on the Dean, Kispiox, Bulkley, Morice, Copper, Skeena River in BC; on Atlantic salmon streams in Gaspe, Quebec; trout rivers all over the West; striped bass in San Francisco Bay. I can easily load my 6’4” frame into the raft because of the adjustable seat, and can carry all my camping gear- tent, sleeping bag & mattress, stove, food, extra clothes, in the raft while doing a 10-day float down the Dean or other rivers. The WATER STRIDER raft is completely described in Dave Inks website: www.waterstrider.com This interactive site shows pictures, specifications, videos, and accessories. It has a wealth of information on using the raft. I recommend it highly. Complete with 3-pc. Oars, Inflatable Back Rest, Water Strider studded Kickboat Fins, Model K-100 Hand Pump, Heavy Duty Waterproof Bag, Ruled Stripping Apron, Patch Kit, Instructional DVD. Raft will be drop shipped from Montana via UPS. Shipping additional. Rates vary from $45 to $60 for West or East Coast delivery. NEW.


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