About Us

I have been buying and selling fly fishing tackle since 1977, specializing in bamboo fly rods and classic fly reels. I usually have about 100 fly rods, 150 fly reels, and assorted fly fishing paraphernalia for sale. I have put my fishing tackle with pictures on this web site.

I tied my first fly in 1943, worked in Yellowstone as a summer biologist in 1952, & worked in Alaska as a biologist from 1953 to 1962 with time out for Uncle Sam and college. I had a BS & MS in Fisheries Biology from Humboldt State, & a later PhD from University of Washington. I worked for various State & Federal agencies before working for Pacific Gas & Electric Co. as their first biologist in 1962. When I retired in 1987, I had 40 biologists & 40 scientists working on environmental issues at electric power plants.

I caught fish in Alaska in1947, took my first Florida  bonefish & tarpon on a fly with a bamboo rod in 1954, collected fish in my VW bus for 9 months in Europe for UC Berkeley & Calif. Acad. Sciences in 1961-1962. I fished everywhere whenever I could. You can listen to an oral history of Jim Adams at:


I was in several videos on fishing in California: RIVERS OF A LOST COAST about the decline of salmon and steelhead fishing in California, and A RIVER’S LAST CHANCE about rehabilitating the Eel River salmon and steelhead runs.

I was in a video in Canada opposing the oil pipeline from Alberta to British Columbia: CASTING A VOICE  - https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=CASTING+A+VOICE&ao=1&qs=SW&cvid=43bdc15015e4405ebad1    

I was in a vimeo on the problems with hatchery fish: https://vimeo.com/53571691

Also, I have been buying and selling Sporting Books since 1977. I specialize in Fishing, Hunting, and related Natural History. I maintain a changing inventory of about 4000 books. My books are also listed on ABEBOOKS.  With my current sale of 40% off at ABEBOOKS, check both ABEBOOKS and my site for the best price. I have many books on my site which are not listed on ABEBOOKS.  

I used to put out a printed Book and Tackle Catalog 1 to 6 times a year which listed from 200-800 books and all my stock of fly fishing tackle. I sent this Catalog to my 2000+ Customers all over the world. I am no longer doing Catalogs. My last Catalog was in 2014, when I started my new WebSite. Everything is on my Web Site.

Since I have started my site in 1977, I have sold 2,778 fly rods, 4,095 fly reels [including 1,950 Hardy Reels] , and 52,144 books up to the end of 2020.

Jim Adams